Experience The Magick

Sorceress Bebe is an experienced Los Angeles based Professional Dominatrix who specializes in Findom (Financial Domination) and seductive psychological control. Sorceress engages in SSC & RACK compliant play, fetish clips, as well as real-time and online sessions.

Once my magick has gotten into a person’s head I keep them spellbound with ease.

My name is Sorceress Bebe and I am a psychological seductress. I control others using my intuitive nature to read and manipulate until I get my way.

I have an extensive background in psychology and use this as a strength within my play. Afterall, fantasies are quite psychological. My ability to get into your head and play into those fantasies will leave you weak and begging for more. I am capable of leaving men feeling as if they are under a spell. A growing obsession and desire for more.

My intriguing looks, fit body, intellect, playful attitude, and my natural love for seduction, control, pain and punishment come together for the perfect storm. It’s no mistake that it becomes so easy to fall under my spell.

I am tiny, yet have immense strength due to my intense training. Pain and impact play give me a great high, just as a great workout would. I love to impress with my abilities in this realm of sadistic play.

I believe that in the world of kink you never stop learning, exploring, and growing. I truly enjoy making fantasies become a reality. I love the BDSM and femdom community and what it does for female empowerment.